Home for the Holidays!

Hey everyone!!! Happy Holidays!!!

I hope you all are surrounded by family, friends or loved ones this year!
I have made it a point to never miss a Christmas at home with my family, and this year is no exception.  It is invaluable to me to spend this time with my parents, siblings and of course my amazing nieces.  My mom is busy making the house as festive as possible, which she takes great pride in and does so well! Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m in love with the Cali sunshine and sometime I envy their warm winters, but since I grew up in Canada, snow is totally mandatory to get us in the Christmas spirit. Luckily, this morning, we got just enough to make it a white(ish) Christmas this year :)  

I was able to take care of all of my Christmas shopping yesterday! When I asked my baby nieces what they wanted for Christmas, Shyla, who is almost 4  (a self-proclaimed “big girl”), told me that for Christmas she would like some Disney books and a barbie…so cute! Her little sister Sofia, who just turned 2 (we call the wild child) wants a lollipop! A lollipop!!!!!! I don’t think I stopped smiling for hours.  I asked her the question over and over just so I could hear her answer again! I love those girls so much.

Christmas is the one time where my whole family gets to be together, without exception! My mom, dad, my brother Warren (who is a senior at Penn State on a Gymnastics scholarship, check him out on YouTube, he’s unreal), my sis Vanessa(who is 5 months pregnant), her husband Niraj and their 2 baby girls. It’s really something special to be surrounded by all the people you care about most. This Christmas I hope that everyone gets to enjoy the holiday spirit. Please be safe, jolly and merry! Give! Indulge! and most importantly SMILE :)

~EH xoxo(and Shyla)