All Over The World

Hello my dears! So, I have been getting a lot of requests to do some videos of me singing so… here’s the first of many to come:) Here’s the story behind choosing this song: I was listening to Pandora one day and this super catchy dance song came on. I was immediately captured by the melody, beat and of course that voice! I had to buy it and I kept that ish on repeat! Without even really knowing it, I’ve been a huge Ola fan for years. He’s a Swedish dance artist and I just totally dig his whole vibe! I decided it would be a great song to cover, so I called my friend Tasos Pelt(a famous guitar player from Greece who’s just relocated to NYC) and asked him if he wanted to do a collabo with me…luckily he said yes:) So here it is! Hope you guys enjoy it! Let me know what you think and if you have any special requests for future covers!

~EH xo

Click here to check out Ericka’s cover of All Over The World!!!


Promised Land on iTunes!

Hey guys! So happy to announce that my feature on French DJ, Morgan Nagoya’s single Promised Land is now available on iTunes! Click the image to get it:)

~EH xo

March Update

Hey Guys! With Spring just around the corner, I wanted to update you on what I’ve been up to!

So…I’ve been in sunny California for the past 5 weeks! Time flies! It’s been a ton of fun, excitement and filled with music! I’ve been working on some collaborations with Cedric Gervais, Goodwill and MGI(producers of my song Promised Land) and Dirty Dutch/Big Beat Records artist Betatraxx! Definitely check all these guys out! If you don’t know…now you know:) And of course…I can’t wait to share these new records with you!

I’m headed back to NY tomorrow then running off to State College to watch the Penn State Men’s gymnastic team take on Minnesota! For anyone who doesn’t know, my brother Warren is on the Canadian Men’s Gymnastic team and also competes for Penn State! He’s in his senior year and I’m really psyched to get out there to cheer for him! Definitely check out my bro’s skills on youtube!

Next week I’m headed down to Miami for Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival! I’m beyond excited to see some of my favorite DJ/Artists like Afrojack, Skrillex and Avicii take the stage! Will come back with a full report for you guys! I’m preparing my mind to get blown!

So, to top my month of March off, I will be returning to Broadway!!! From March 26- April 1st, I’ll be back in Rock Of Ages! Really looking forward to rockin out with my old cast mates and meeting some new ones! If you haven’t checked out the show yet(and me in it)…now’s the time!

Til the next time…

~EH xoxo





Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello all you lovers out there! Happy Valentine’s Day! I thought this would be a great time to reconnect with you:)

So, I’ve started 2012 off with a bang! Let me catch you up to speed.

I kicked things off by filming an episode of NBC’s new hit show Smash!!! I can’t reveal too much about this…but it’s going to be a spectacle! Can’t wait for you guys to see it! Soooo cool to be around such incredible actors including Anjelica Huston(who I’ve been obsessed with ever I saw The Witches). The icing on the cake?? I got to work with some of my former Rock Of Ages cast mates and besties, Katie Webber and Sarrah Strimel! They are BEYOND talented!

After I finished up filming for Smash, it was off to Indianapolis for a little Super Bowl fun! It was my first time being at a Super Bowl.  The energy was amazing and the events were incredible. I started the weekend off by going to the ESPN party(where Drake performed) and the next night I party hopped from the Rolling Stone Magazine/Bacardi party, where I got a backstage view of Cobra Starships set, to the Maxim party, where Ludacris performed. And of course my good friend DJ Vice was spinning too! He always murders it! I had a blast at the parties! More importantly, I had amazing seats at the game and I got to watch the NY Giant’s become world champions!!!! What an incredible feeling to be at that game with thousands of devoted fans! Go GIANTS!

Perhaps equally as impressive (for me at least), I saw MADONNA!!!!! She’s such a legendary performer and I cannot wait for her new album! As a pop singer, there is no artist who has had a greater influence on me than Madonna. Say what you will…but she’s the Queen. That was a really special moment for me.

After Indy, it was back to NY, where I would quickly repack my bags in preparation for sunny LA! I arrived in LA just in time for the Grammy’s, which is such a fun and inspiring weekend! I’ve been able to attend a few amazing events and mingle with some really influential people in the music biz (I know it seems like it’s all fun, but I have to stay focused and make sure I am concentrating on my goals).

I have to say the highlight of my weekend was attending the Warner Bros. Music and In Style party at the Chateau Marmont! I’m a huge Bruno Mars fan, so when he and his incredible band took the stage I was in total awe! They didn’t perform any of his songs BUT they did covers of everything from LMFAO to Michael Jackson and Jay Z to The Police! I almost can’t express how cool this sh*t was!!!

Well, today is Valentine’s Day and the city is full of love! I got some flowers earlier today which let’s face it, always makes a girl feel special:) I’ve also been in the studio and taking some great meetings! I’m really excited about the work I’m doing out here and can’t wait to share it with you guys!

From love to sin…next stop…Vegas!

~EH xoxo


Mr Dapper Q&A

Happy New Year guys! To start off the year, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by! Please check out the lovely Q&A we did! They hit me with a few questions I’d never asked myself…and managed to make me blush a few times:) Click on the pic below to read the feature!